Re: Turbo lids - Who's using 'em?...When are the electric ones gonna be on the market?

    I'd like to know if anyone has played through the "electric" Turbo Harp
prototypes that are on their website.  Also any ideas on if and when we'll see
it on the market?  I think this will be the greatest thing in the harmonica
world when it becomes available...a truly electric harp with out the inherent
feedback problems of using microphones.  I'm chomping on the bit waiting for
this toy to become available.

Don D.

"M. N." wrote:

>   Does anyone here on the list use Turbo Lids exclusively? Just wondering
> what folks' thoughts are on them. I have one and really liked it but ended
> up drifting back to my Marine Bands for one reason or another. I may invest
> in a few more TLs soon. I wish they'd expand the line to also fit Golden
> Melodies and Hohner MS harps.
>   MN

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