Blues / Comeback

I checked out the Radio City "Blues Make a 
Comeback" Benefit on February 7th.  Tickets
start at $1,250.00 + service fees (that's the 
most expensive tickets).  No tickets
are left in the $50.00 nosebleed sections.

The cheapest available tickets are $150.00 
each, plus service charges.  So, to take my  
wife to this event would cost me at least
$400.00, plus $40.00 to park, plus the little
lady might get hungry or thirsty (me too).

Herbert was right.  The blues are coming back - 
in fact, this concert gave me the blues already.

Rich K

PS     Could be a message here in the pricing 
          related to why live blues music is 
          so hard to find.  In the old days, you could
          go out, have a few drinks, listen to some 
          decent music, and have money left over
          for food and shelter.

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