Re: Is it fixable

Iceman wrote:
>Not necessary to use a harp of the same key. If memory serves me correct, 
>there are  only 2 different stampings for reeds used in the diatonics - one 
>for lower harmonicas up until the key of "C" and a second for those key of "C" 
>and higher. (Those on list with more of a technical orientation may be able to 
>elaborate or correct this notion).

For most harps, including Hohner handmades and Lee Oskars, there are two 
reedslot configurations.  Long slot harps are all those in low pitched keys up 
through (including) the C harp.  Anything higher than a C (Db and up) are short 
slot.  Some other makes/models of harp use one slot configuration for all keys 
(like Suzuki Promaster).  Again, I refer to slots.txt in Pat Missin's Altered 
States for information on slot lengths for the various models.

While it is not necessary to find a harp of the same key, finding one of a 
similar key makes the retuning following the replacement much simpler.  I 
wouldn't want to start with a reed from a Db or a D and bring it up to the 
pitch needed in an F harp.  

- -tim

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