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Chris Hammond wrote:
> I have been playing a long time and am still learning.  I would also venture
> a guess that Howard Levy, Rod Piazza, Kim Wilson, and Luciano Pavarotti

Pavorotti plays harmonica?

I hope to become more masterful each day/week/month/year. The more I play,
the easier it is to play things that hint towards mastery.
For a lot of years, I thought I was a really great harmonica player. Then I
heard Kim Wilson, Rick Estrin, Paul Delay, Jerry Portnoy, Mark Hummel. I
learned to play the harmonica more in the last 5 years than I did in the
previous 27. The less I play "riffs" and "runs" the more musical I become.
Some nights I enjoy playing. Other nights I have to fight with the dragon to
get in the zone. 

I just hope you get to hear me on a night when everything is beautiful.

Here's to that! Hope to see all of you at SPAH this year. August 19-23

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