Re: Extreme Bender XB40

Xavier asks:
>Can someone who has seen the harp tell me if it has the same length as a 
>standard 10hole (I understandand it is thicker) ? will it fit in the 
>nice fender harp case ?

The XB-40 has the same footprint as the Autovalve, or the Marine Band Full 
Concert, which is the same as the 260, the Slide Harp and the Koch chromatic.  
The comb as I saw it was slightly "wedged", being narrower at the mouthpiece 
end and slightly thicker at the back.  The harp does have a mouthpiece, unlike 
the octave/tremolo models mentioned above.  

I would expect it only to fit in the center slot of the Fender case that's 
designed to hold a Chromatic.

- -tim

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