Re: RE:Tone Improvement

From: "DL Terry" <so_blue@xxxxxxx>

> The Iceman said:
> > When the player moves his consciousness away from busywork at the front
of his mouth (what hole am I on, do I inhale or exhale,
> how is my tongue > supposed to lie?) and focuses towards his lower throat
(the "Yawning" area), into his diaphragm, and ultimately
> down to the soles of his feet (feeling  > the push of the Earth upward),
tone develops/deepens/improves.
> THIS is what I meant -
> You learn the technical stuff FIRST, THEN you go to work polishing "the
> Thanks, Iceman!

Yes - thanks!

If you ask any experienced musician who plays fluidly and passionately,
you'll get the same answer, maybe in different words, but conveying the same
principle.  Learn your fundamentals religiously.  When the basics become
automatic, you're on the road to becoming a complete musician.

 -- mike

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