Re: Aftermarket Harp Covers - was 'Hardwood Harps'

I'll add my voice, too.  The TurboLid is GREAT!  It fits like it's part of
my hand, and because of the greater flange size, it really does improve
acoustic tone.  For amplified playing, it seals like a dream.  Oh - and of
course if you're into looks, these things are the Ferrari of harp covers.
Got a stuck reed?  Just pop it apart!

I only wish it came sized for Oskars.

Also, why is it somehow wrong for someone to toot their own horn?  That's
one of the silliest, most senseless, and pointless flukes of our culture.
If you have a good product, record, style, etc., what's the harm in telling
others?  I can see someone getting offended if someone else says they're
BETTER THAN YOU, but this wasn't the case.  TurboDog just happens to have an
excellent product, and it DESERVES to be touted.

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> turbodog writes:
> > To which Turbodog enthusiastically, albeit self-servingly, suggests,
> > about the TurboLid, the 'Harp Cover of the
> > Future?' " See
> > At the risk of purveying too much commerical content, I should also add
> > that the covers absolutely DO affect tone.
> > There should be no debate about it. (Additional benefits and
> > can be found on website.)
> Well, I'm as unaffiliated as they come, and I heartily recommend
> They're a great product !
> ben@work
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