Re: LARHA jam

From: <KENNEDBANE@xxxxxxx>

> While the jam leaned heavily towards the blues, chromatic players
> were made to feel welcome and were listened to appreciatively.

Well, I'm marketed by my label as "blues", and we had a lot of blues
harmonica players.  But just to clarify things, I'm a jazz based player and
have worked with the likes of Phineas Newborn Jr, Shelly Manne, Ray Brown,
Big Jay McNeely, and lots of others.  I also know standards, rock, pop, just
a touch of classical, and I read music.  So please don't let the "blues"
scare you chromatic players away.

Oh, and speaking of jazz - I opened with Jive Samba ;-)

BTW some LIVE tunes by The IronMan Curtis Band:
(and - hint hint - we're looking to tour)

- -IronMan Mike Curtis Band *Southland Blues
Magazine TU 8pm Starboard Attitude/Redondo
Santa Monica 3rd St Promenade, various times   Email my Cellphone for
(130 chr's max-keep it SHORT) ironmanc@xxxxxxxxx

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