ATTENTION Harp-L Digest Users!

Or any Harp-Ler, for that matter....  :)

If you reply to something you read in one of the digests, please note
that the address to send ALL posts to the list is <harp-l@xxxxxxxxxx>.

The address in the From: field of the digests [that is,
<owner-harp-l-digest@xxxxxxxxxx>] is only that... the origination
address of each digest.

Do NOT cut and paste that address into your own email to the list!  Use
only the <harp-l@xxxxxxxxxx> address for all correspondence to Harp-L
at large, and/or cut and paste the address of the actual person to whom
you're responding, if that is your preference.  Just a small drawback
of using the Digest system.

Some of you have apparently been using this wrong address and, well...
I'm afraid your wonderful messages have been cast into the the deep,
dark blackhole of the List Administration's "lost and never to be seen
again" folder.  :)

Sorry about that, but now some of you may know why you never saw your
messages included on Harp-L.

Hope that helpful.


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