Re: LARHA jam

Mark's jam was indeed a success and he is to be commended;
it certainly could be the start of something Southern California
has lacked until now, a real harmonica club.  Folks came from
from as far away as San Diego and the far reaches of the San
Fernando Valley.  

Mark says he is going to do it again in a month or so and I hope
harpers from everywhere in Southern California will make the effort
to be there, even if Irvine is a bit of a trip;  Jon Gindrick and Mike
Curtis each drove about two hours to be there.  If the club could 
just get started there's no reason it couldn't be segmented into
regional chapters that would be more accessible.

While the jam leaned heavily towards the blues, chromatic players
were made to feel welcome and were listened to appreciatively.
Vern demonstrated is "hands-free" chromatic; it's quite a piece
of work.  I would hope that the club-to-be would include players of all
types of instruments as I think we have more in common than we
do differences, and much to share and learn from each other.

Can't say enough about Jon and Iron Mike;  that these two 
professionals would contribute their time and talents as they did
is quite remarkable. 

Oh, and I must gratefully report that I had the opportunity for the
first time in my life to play through an amplifier and both an accoustic
and a hand-held mike in what was my first public "performance'
in 70 years--the last time was when I played "Old Black Joe"
for the P.T.A. when I was in the 5th grade.  And this time the
audience was a gracious and appreciative as the P.T.A ladies
were.  I guess both youth and age have their rewards.

Come to think of it, Mark has already asked me back. The P.T.A.
never did.

Neil, in Brea.

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