RE: Cheap Blues Harp CDs

Since nobody has picked up on this since the post a couple of days ago 
in the heat of the "tone talk", here's another suggestion (and I'm not 
affiliated with them in any way, etc)
Check the blues listings for lots of harp cds, almost 300, with many 
notable names (I noticed Billy Branch, Mark Hummel, Paul Delay, Howlin' 
Wolf etc plus great anthologies) , many in the under $5 price range and 
not the typical budget titles found elsewhere although there is some of 
that too.  No harp content on what I bought but the West Coast Jazz 
collection  on Contemporary (4 cds) for $19.99  ($70 list) was 
absolutely wonderful.  Listings are a little skimpy  (sometimes just 
tracks, if that) but more info is available elsewhere.

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