We're having a special on brand new factory-fresh stock & optimized
chroms, diatonics, combos, all parts, etc., etc.   

There are also further discounts for purchases of more than one
chrom/combos/etc. in the same package. Everything will be shipped
immediately by prepaid priority/insured to U.S. addresses and air parcel
post overseas. 

Here are some examples: 

16-hole Herings - $69-79, depending on models. Combos: $45-50. Hering
12-hole chroms from the 5148 to the Barítono to the 7148's and Velvet
Voices - $49-69. Combos: $35-39. CX12 Parts & Combos available - $59-69
for combo. $29 casing; 
Slide $9. Case $6. CX12 at best prices anywhere on the Internet....
Suzuki Chromatix SCX-48's in C D F G A for only $119-129, fully
optimized. Combos: RRP's: $59-79 for 12, 14 and 16 hole SCX's. Swan
chromatics - 12, 14 and 16 hole models - only $39-59. RRP's and Combos
at about half those prices. 
Slimline Valveless Chroms: in key of C - $29, optimized too!   

Cases (assorted), harp holders and carriers, etc., including books, etc.
at lowest prices. All sorts of diatonics are also available for package save on priority postage and insurance. 
Package purchases will also include bonus Little Lady key rings, etc.  
If you're looking for any other specific models, please let me know. 

Please specify your particular harmonica interests, such as chrom,
diatonic, how long played and whether you prefer stock or fully tweaked
harmonicas.  If you're considering embarking on the chrom and need
advice, we also offer thoroughy overhauled and optimized chroms for
beginners, at the lowest prices anwhere.

Very sincerely yours,


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