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> >Rather than speak of "good" tone, it's better to think of appropriate
> What he said. And then some.

Agreed - but it's all part of an overall package of separate and distinct

Can a person have good tone and yet be inappropriate?  Certainly.  But that
comes under the heading of taste and really should be adressed separately.
We wouldn't burden a beginner with taste when we want him to work on getting
that first single note, would we?  Of course not.  We FIRST teach very basic
(and yes tasteless) techniques, then once they're getting up to speed, we
deal with fine tuning and nuances.

A lot of people make poor teachers because they can't sort these things out.
The absolute worst thing one can do to a student is complicate things to the
point where a simple topic becomes unlearnable.  And by extension, when WE
are learning, improving, etc., we really need to stay focused on what we're
working on.

Kenny Burrell (and most everyone else with a good grasp on music) says
"Learn all you can about music, and then forget it".  The reason for this is
that, once you learn it thoroughly, it becomes part of your being, and
doesn't need to be thought about consciously.  As we work on each SEPARATE
tonal technique, articulation, etc., etc., it becomes an automatic part of
our musucal personality, to be invoked whenever we "think" of music that
needs this technique.  In this sense, we "forget" - but we've already
trained our mind to do these things subconsciously.

THIS is when taste comes into play.

For example, when you first learn vibrato, you'll overuse it.  And that's
fine!  Use it, abuse it, on each and every note, while you're resting
between notes, and even when you snore at night.  That's how you master it.
Eventually, the novelty will wear off - and hopefully by then you will have
the mastery of it.  At this point, you stop looking for EVERY opportunity to
use vibrato, and instead look for those spots where it will improve the

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