RE: Aftermarket Harp Covers - was "Hardwood Harps"

> On: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 on or about 12:38:57,
> DL Terry asked, "Does anyone else offer aftermarket covers for diatonics?
> (I know they don't affect tone; I'm looking for a better FEEL)"
> To which Turbodog enthusiastically, albeit self-servingly, suggests, "How
> about the Harp Cover of the Future?" see
> At the risk of purveying too much commerical content, I should also add
> the covers absolutely DO affect tone.

Uh-oh, I didn't mean to start something AGAIN...
The parenthetical comment was sarcastic.
I know there has been MUCH research & discussion about materials & covers
and their effect on tone.

There is another thread discussing TONE on this list that I started, and I
didn't want to cloud the issues.

T-dog, I'll be ordering some of your covers this very week from my favorite
online retailer.....

- -DL Terry

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