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<font size=3>on Sat, 18 Jan 2003 21:18:56 EST <br>
in his subject: Tone Improvement,<br>
the Iceman cometh with:<br>
<blockquote type=cite cite>When the player moves his consciousness away
from busywork at the front of <br>
his mouth (what hole am I on, do I inhale or exhale, how is my tongue
supposed to lie?) and focuses towards his lower throat (the
&quot;Yawning&quot; area), <br>
into his diaphragm, and ultimately down to the soles of his feet (feeling
the <br>
push of the Earth upward), tone develops/deepens/improves.<br>
Mental imagery also helps. </font><br>
One Augusta Heritage student in class at Blues Week was a young caucasian
girl, very thin, about 105 lb. She had mastered the basics - single
notes, <br>
bending, rhythm grooves, elementary solos. However; her tone was thin and
reedy.&nbsp; I had her stand in the middle of the classroom, close her
eyes and <br>
imagine herself to be a 300 lb. African American woman. When she had this
visualization firmly in her mind, her body language changed. I then asked
her <br>
to play. What a difference. The whole class was amazed. Big improvement
in <br>
i find that 1.5-ton rhino works for me.<br>
that said, it should be noted that such visualizations<br>
can become a double-edged sword:<br>
on the one hand, you can be the great pretender<br>
and fool some of the people all the time,<br>
or all the people some of the time;<br>
on the other hand, if you really hone<br>
your shamanistic skills, then perhaps,<br>
you can BE the rhino.<br>
me?&nbsp; i am training my *harp* to Be the Horn<br>
(trumpet / sax).&nbsp; the harp's soul can be a bit <br>
flippant, so i advise extreme patience and humility,<br>
but at the same time address it with crisp authority<br>
with a pinch of bravado as you plunge forth w/ your:&nbsp; <br>
hope this helps,<br>
tumon bay, guam<br>

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