Re: Practicing on the move

Tejastk wrote:

"Anybody have a suggestion about how to practice in close quarters without
getting the hook? I'm finally feeling good about my progress, but I'm
to leave on  nearly three week anniversary cruise with my wife, and if I
playing that long, I know I'll be back to playing "Alouette" in first
position. Anybody know how to play in close quarters without bothering the
neighbors aside from playing inside a 2 mil trash bag? Some of you must have
figured this out following some extended stays in Motel 6."

Tejastk....................I agree with the advice to use a low keyed harp,
Low D or Low E.  Playing softly is good advice too.  Actually playing softly
should tell you a lot about your harp's responsiveness.  The other thing to
get over, is playing in "public."  You don't have to play in a closet.  Come
on out, people will hear you and its OK.  I use to not play for fear of
intruding on someone else's space.  But playing softly, and sticking to
lyrical melodies has caused people (who are listening, BTW) to engage me in
conversation, etc.  Maybe they do that to keep me from playing?  One other
point, you might consider spending more time with your wife on an
anniversary cruise.

Best regards to All,

Larry Boy Pratt

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