<< The facts are that tone can indeed be defined and quantified, and it's very
 much to our benefit to define and quantify it.  Otherwise we can never
 achieve good tone.  For example, how does one master resonance without
 defining it first?  There is NOTHING that is done on harmonica that cannot
 be defined.  The fact that some folks can't define it in no way means that
 it cannot be done.  Only that it HASN'T been. >>

so, is anyone gonna define "tone"?  and after that, how about defining "good 
tone" and "bad tone"?  not examples, but a straight forward definition, "good 
tone is done this way..."
larry's post tells us how to improve our tone, but only if we accept that as 
an objective definition of good tone...

stevenj...the gator-man

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