Re[2]: Tone

Hello Robb,

re what you wrote below...

Understood. Appreciated. Sir.


Sunday, January 19, 2003, 2:00:24 PM, you wrote:

RB> PS: Ron, your comments are fine, I wasn't thinking of
RB> you in any of my above comments. I just think if I
RB> made my suggestions for ~Objective Tone Criteria~ this
RB> forum would attack semantical, philosophical and
RB> psuedo-political aspects [~No one is EVER allowed to
RB> call ANYTHING good or bad~ ~be yourself~, ~let's all
RB> get along and ~Stop picking on the guy with bad tone~,
RB> bla bla bla]. This list is the best- but it's always
RB> been like that. 

RB> Happy to discuss ideas for defining ~Tone~ after it
RB> calms down. Or offlist.

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