> Andrew wrote :

> Some of you guys are sad....
To which <lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> replied:
> Now this post is the very reason I don't often post on harp-l anymore. If
> you happen to say something that goes against the grain, you get slammed.
> EVERYONE is entitled their opinion, Andrew. Just because yours happen to
> shared by most people on the list doesn't make it any better.

To which I want to contribute:

Andrew, this kind of difference of opinion and discussion is EXACTLY why I
DO subscribe.
I want to hear what EVERYONE has to say - even the ones I don't agree with.

And, uh, let's not even slam the "slammers", huh?

Most of the posts I've read on this thread (hell, on any thread on this
list) have:
Opened my eyes to other perspectives
Clarified my OWN ideas
Given me a broader scope
Shown me a new approach

Lighten up. It's just a conversation.

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