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> In a message dated 1/19/03 1:08:48 AM Eastern Standard Time,
> delongj@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
>> I think it's much sadder to demonstrate such intolerance for other
>> peoples
>> > opinions.Ones preferences don't depend on their level of expertise
>> and it is
>> > perfectly proper to express these on this list.As metioned
>> before,the goal of
>> > playing music is to sound like yourself and develop your own
>> "tone".If we try
>> > to stricly define "good" tone we run the risk of stiffling the
>> creative spirit
>> > that sutains us all.It's about what you say, not how you say it.
>>                           Peace, Jeff
> No, trust me its much sadder to be so ignorant of what real tone than
> to demonstrate reasonable intolerance. Hey and since when was
> tolerating adverse stupidity a virtue?  Hey, and isn't your post
> intolerant to my intolerance. HERETIC!
> Andrew

   Hey Andrew, I believe I stated clearly that the list is a proper
place to express ones opinions - Rons,yours,mine and everyones - that
doesn't seem like intolerance to me.I happen to think that ALL the
players he listed have/had great tone in their own way.It was your
characterising his comments as "stupid & absurd" that I take issue with,
but I guess that's my problem.I suppose we'll just have to agree to
disagree and hope this rather inane thread dies soon.
                                              Peace, Jeff

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