Andrew wrote :
> I can understand that some people may make absurd statements,but for
> to say that about Rice Miller's tone is purely on "the world is flat"
> If you do not believe Rice Miller has good tone, then you do not know what
> good tone is. The day that any of so-called critics could play half as
> as Rice Miller will be an appropriate day for you to actually get within 5
> miles of critiquing him on his tone. Let me say the same for Paul Delay as
> well, his tone is is as good if not better than most on the scene today.
> of you guys are sad....

Now this post is the very reason I don't often post on harp-l anymore. If
you happen to say something that goes against the grain, you get slammed.
EVERYONE is entitled their opinion, Andrew. Just because yours happen to be
shared by most people on the list doesn't make it any better. It's just an
opinion, so please drop the righteous tone, we're trying to have a
conversation here...

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