Re: Tone

- --- Grbullets2@xxxxxxx wrote:
> All this hoopla about tone is ridiculus! Tone is
> something every harp player 
> has,be it good (attractive),or bad(not so
> attractive).We all have our own 
> TONE! THE END!..................Dave

I understand your irritation. And you are right, to
the extent that both Miles Davis and a kid just
picking up a horn for the first time both have
~style~. But, as students of trumpet, only one is
worth studying. 

You're right, ~Tone~ means ~sound~. Nevertheless, it
also means something else to the diatonic harp player
and it's very clear when someone has ~good tone~ or
not. There are new players out there reading this
thread thinking that a lot of people say ~Tone~ is
just ~how you sound~; and that no one has objectively
better tone than anyone else. This is just false. Tone
is something that should be worked on early- as it is
damn near impossible once you have all the other bells
and whistles. 

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