Well, we did it.  Had the first in a long time Los Angeles Regional
Harmonica Association jam.  It went VERY well - I'd guess around 50 showed
up.  Jon Gindick held a beginners seminar, and we did a couple of tunes with
two harmonicas.  I thought it went quite well.

Everyone got to jam - and I pulled off something I've been wanting to do for
a LONG time - we had EVERYONE up for the last two songs.  And guess what -
it actually sounded GOOD!

It looks like this will be a monthly jam.  A big thanks to Mark Wilson for
pulling it off.

Irvine is convenient for some, and not others.  I think it'd be good to have
a few around town on different days.  Tia Juanas is a nice big room with a
good stage.  Anyone wanna volunteer to get another one going on the other
end of town?  I could possibly provide accompaniment if we coordinate.

BTW some LIVE tunes by The IronMan Curtis Band:
(and - hint hint - we're looking to tour)

- -IronMan Mike Curtis Band *Southland Blues
Magazine TU 8pm Starboard Attitude/Redondo
Santa Monica 3rd St Promenade, various times   Email my Cellphone for
(130 chr's max-keep it SHORT) ironmanc@xxxxxxxxx

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