Tone (was; 2000 hrs)

  In keeping with Ben Felton's gist; Dja notice how some players who are
either/or a combination of (but not limited to) the following, AND
 a.  Are Famous
 b.  Are Rich
 c.  Are Commercially Sucessful
 d.  Are in Demand
 e.  Are getting Bookings
 f.  Are Fast
 g.  Are technically Proficient
 h.  Are good Tone
 i.  All the etc's

  YET, they don't move you an inch. You hear them once, and
say...yeah...OK. You give them a "second chance" and say...right...
By the third time around, you say...Ho-Hum, (yawn). After a while, you
don't pay much attention to them. THEN it becomes up to THEM to do
something to "GET YOU BACK".

  WAIT a minute, who IS this guy I'm listening to NOW? He/she is;
 a.  Unknown (relatively speaking)
 b.  Poor    (has a day job or OR no job)
 c.  Ain't sold "crabs"
 d.  Knowbody knows he exists
 e.  Bookings? be serious!

  This person proceed to stun you. It's as if a really powerful Hulk Hogan
type has just punched you in the face while holding a roll of quarters. You
are "reeling" from the experience.

  Watch out, there are some real sleepers and creepers out there. We are at
a period in time when, because of progress, we are able to see/hear/enjoy
so many different styles/genres/techniques/qualities. I

 P.S. As regards the recent posts on this subject, do you people have any
idea how
      intelligent you are?.....Wheeeeew, mind boggling

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