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> Tone is just like anything you work on as a musician, it's work, and time, 
> and dedication.  There is no substitute for work. 

Guys , there it is in a nut-shell. When I started playing I didn't want to 
play amplified harp immediately until I had solid, good sounding tone 
acoustically. If you are wondering what good acoustic tone should sound like, 
listen to Slim Harpo or Walter Horton playing acoustically. That is how its 
supposed to sound. 

Also when you play do not try to be something you are not, when you play; be 
honest about what you are playing. Even if you are just learning, be 
committed to playing from the heart. I have seen guitar and harp players who 
have had half the ability of some people, nevertheless, with the few notes 
they played managed to get across far more than the technically better 
player. Playing from the heart is always seen, and usually felt. Do not be 
ashamed of simple melodies and phrasing, simple melodies usually make far 
better music than ten thousands licks. This harmonica thing ain't easy,but 
its sure fun, and learning and growing in it is where the fun starts. 


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