You know,
I've heard various opinions about what makes a good musician and it varies a
lot. As with what makes good music, or good tone... wateva.
I agree with Michael - this is really subjective.

So, I personally strive for:
* Feel - Expression from the heart & the whole point of playing music for me
* Phrasing (so very dependant on good timing) therefore saying something rather
than just clever techniques, riffs, tricks and bundles of notes - "building a
solo", working with the band, whatever.
* Tone - if you don't sound good people won't want to listen.

Because these are the things that matter the most to me and my own music. I will
build on these things into whatever directions I go in. But without them I won't
enjoy my own music and won't get anywhere.

I enjoy listening to a range of music (and musicians) for many different
But if it doesn't stir something in my heart I get bored and it becomes
pointless albeit sometimes clever noise to me.

I have found that way more can be said in the way a few notes are played using
expression, phasing & tone than some incredible musicians I've heard fitting in
as many clever notes as they can fit, reducing a wordless form of expression
into technical gymnastics and a form of mathmatical exercises at high speed.

This applies to any style.

Just to add to the mix of opinions.

PS.  Sonny Terry's tone rocks.  SBW II's tone rocks.  etc.
And Miles Davis is da man.

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