RE: TONE (was 2000 hours)

>On Fri, 17 Jan 2003 12:06:07 -0700, Michelle LeFree wrote:
>> At the risk of being accused of heresy, as masterful a player as he
>>was, Sonny Boy Williamson II, IMO, did not possess "great tone", acoustic or
>Very clearly, we're not speaking the same language. In my opinion, SBWII
>is the holy grail of blues tone. His vocal-like sound, tremendous range,
>and ability to
>emote through tone are seldom matched, and never surpassed in the genre,
>Barry B. Bean
>Bean & Bean Cotton Company
>Peach Orchard, MO
  Dear friends, we are missing the point. Which IS; IT'S THE WHOLE PACKAGE

  Before we go any farther, let me say that I am NOT a star or even a good
player, BUT I AM an enthusiast. Please step back with me in time. Just for
a minute

  It is 1960 (Haloween). You are in Baton Rouge. You take the ferry (NOW a
bridge) over the Mississippi river to Port Allen. It is a black
neighborhood of wharehouses and docks. There is a roadhouse up ahead (Percy
Bossier's, pronounced Bow-shay). It is 7:00 Fri nite and the headline act
will be "Sonny Boy Williamson II" (Rice Miller). He comes out to a band
which is to die for. This guy plays harp. As he is playing, he completely
liquifies himself dribbles out the back of the harp spills down onto the
low stage and out onto the floor.

  Before you know it, he has soaked the floor and is now permeating the
marrow of the bones in your legs. As he "osmosis'" up through your body, he
grabs you by your sphincter and holds on. You will never forget this night.

 Q. Was he, he was scarey & may have been possessed
 Q. Was his TONE, not especially, BUT it aised the hair on your neck
 Q. Did he move you......yes, you needed to pee
 Q. Is anyone better.....probably, but THEY didn't reach you. You feel queasy

  Synopsis; I think there's a whale of a difference in hearing someone live
as opposed to a recording. SBII was using a beat up amp (35 watt max) which
had several patches of "Gaffer tape" (cloth, & different colors). HE WASN'T
EVEN PLAYING LOUD, and he sure as he!! didn't use too many notes.

  A couple months later I was at Navy boot camp and got to hear Li'l Wally.
 Q. Was he good..........yes
 Q. Tone.................the best
 Q. Move you.............NO
 Q. Is anyone better.....probably not, BUT that's because he had lost his
primitive quality. This is why I prefer "Delta" style.

  Don't get so good that you loose sight of where you came from. Show your
torment (IF you have/had any). Don't get so highly technical that it blinds
you to the WHOLE PACKAGE. Play that sob harp as if it's a love affair..DO


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