Re: Quest For Tone - and the invisible monster

>From: Winslow Yerxa <winslowyerxa@xxxxxxxxx>
>Most of us don't strive to be chameleons to the extent
>indicated in the above paragraph (at least I don't
>think so), but even within the limits of the tonal
>identity each of us strives to cultivate, we can find
>adjustments that let us work with a range of material,
>styles, and moods. The greatest tone may simply be the
>one the listener never notices because it's exactly
>right for the tune and arrangement. Some of the
>greatest accompanists -and even soloists - vanish
>right into the wallpaper for this reason.

Does this mean that TONE is, perhaps,
...........a SUBJECTIVE THING?

Nice post, 'Slo

Michael Peloquin

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