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> All those Kalamazoo guys are smarter than you think they are guys.  If you 
> catch on in original condition such as this, be sure and check it out to 
> see how it sounds. 

The Kalamazoo is great amp period. I used one last Wednesday nite at a gig 
and it sounded great. The thing with the K-zoo is that it is a workhorse amp, 
and can be gotten quite cheap. I own two of these amps and use them quite 
often. I have sold two of these amps and to the two people I sold them to, 
they have both written me back at how much they liked the amp. P10S, C10Q 
speaker subs with these amps are quite good and will help bring out a better 
sound with these amps, but my buddy Jason Ricci has the original speaker in 
his K-zoo model 2 and he sounds fine. Its a matter of personal taste, but I 
will say that the amp is keeper for harp no matter what. The cool thing about 
the k-zoo is that it sounds good at any volume, and all dynamics or 
frequencies of the amplified harp tend to come through for some reason. The 
only amp I believe that sounds about as good is the Pro Junior by Fender.


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