I was over in Georgia this week on business.  My service technician (a 
drummer) wanted to stop in a pawn shop to look around.  While we were there 
we spotted a Kalamazoo Model Two amp that was all original including the 
speaker which had the sticker with the serial number on it (the speaker wires 
had never been re-soldered even). Now keep in mind, I don't need a 5 watt 
amp. Schematic in great shape, two prong cord that would have to be changed 
out, a little beat up, but to be expected since they are mid 1960s.  I didn't 
have a harp mic with me and they didn't have anything that would plug in 
except a guitar.  We plugged in a guitar, I played a little SBW II and 
everything was fine except the tremolo.  We beat the guy up on that and got 
it down where I could walk out with it for $89.  I figured for that money I 
could unload it somewhere on ebay if I didn't like it, but I really didn't 
want to fool with it actually.  Service Tech/drummer pulled a $100 bill out 
of HIS pocket and said "I'll loan you the money if you don't want to write 
him a check."  What could I do?  I hauled the amp around for two days and 
last night I got back home, sneaked it past my wife and blew through it to 
see what I had.  I want to apologize to all you guys I have read posting 
about your Kalamazoo.  I thought you guys were overstating your case.  I 
don't think you are.  I have owned a tweed Fender 1959 Champ and this 
Kalamazoo sounds like the Champ to me.  For about $600 less money, that makes 
the Kalamazoo a bargain if your just looking for results.  From a collectors 
standpoint or an investment standpoint, I am sure the Fender will yield 
better results in the long term.  It looks to me like these amps would sure 
make a great recording session.  I am going to be in the studio a couple of 
times this year and this complicates things for me.<grin>  All those 
Kalamazoo guys are smarter than you think they are guys.  If you catch on in 
original condition such as this, be sure and check it out to see how it 
sounds.  You might be pleasantly pleased if your lucky.  I would ask what do 
you need to do to improve this amps sound, but I am doing nothing, nada, 
zero, zip.  I am not changing a tube one.  I am not even going to try and 
make the tremolo work.  I am going to just play it just like I found it.  I 
don't think those 12AX7 tubes are original, but they seem to be worn in to 
the point to where they sound just right to me and I am not going to trouble 
trouble 'til trouble troubles me.  It's just too bad they can't be 50 watt, 
tweed, finger jointed pine cabinet, $89 and 40 lbs.  I'm going to call my 
Service Technician up and tell him I'm going to put a stop payment on that 
check because the amp reeks and it's his fault I bought that piece of junk.
Best regards,

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