Re: 2000 hours - YIKES

> 1) How long had you folks played the diatonic before you played in front
> of an audience (or were moderately proficient enough to do so)?
Eleven seconds and a half. (In front of mom and dad.)
> 2) For you master harpers, how long did it take you to get to the point
> where you could play in third position or higher, play overbends, use
> tongue-blocking, etc.?
??? What do you mean exactly ??? (Means that you can do more on a diatonic
than blowing in the fisrt hole on the left ???)
- - Djam -
(Seriously, I'd like to thank Harp-L for having welcome me [and Xavier, for
the tip], even if it's all écrit en anglais que je comprends pas tout ; I'd
also like to greet all of you, my harp sisters & brothers [Hi, Ben !
St-Aignan's coming...], apologizing for my awful english writing ; and I
invite that one who'd like to experiment harp with his mouse and not with
his mouth to click on the "zeppelin-harp" from my home page [wait a little
for the arrows mount] !)

- -- 

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