Re: Little Hatch

> He of course remembered Hatch,
> and the two formed a relationship that produced "Goin' Back" (APO
2007) in
> 1998 and "Rock With Me Baby" (recorded with Jimmy D. Lane and Ron
> (APO 2012), which will be in stores around the world next month.

Ron Edwards hosts a Sunday evening blues show on KDHX here in St. Louie,
and I would imagine that  he will have a number of cuts with Little
Hatch, maybe even some unreleased stuff, on his show this week.  KDHX is
on the web, and Ron's "Nothin' but the Blues" show airs at 7-8:30
central.  I've heard some of Little Hatch's stuff on Ron's show in the
past, and I found it to be outstanding blues harp.

Fred S

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