RE: 2000 hours - YIKES

On Thu, 16 Jan 2003 10:24:04 -0800, DL Terry wrote:

>TONE defines mastery.

And x=y! However, in the sense that we all talk about music, I don't think you can point to any single quality and say that that defines mastery. If being a master 
were as simple as having great tone, there'd be no need to spend all those years learning tunes, practicing scales, developing an ear for chord progressions, 
learning to work with a band, learning how to use silence as part of your technique, picking up techniques from other genres and instruments, etc. If it were that 
simple, we'd simply all play long tones or buy the "LittleBigSonnyJuniorWalterBoy" amps and mics and get there much faster.

For that matter, who gets to say what mastery is? Although the attitude is far less prevalent today, we've probably all known a great "legit" player who considerd 
blues players to be sloppy and technically lacking, or known great blues players who considered legit players to lack soul. Who's to say they're all wrong? 

At the end of the day, listeners define mastery. Whether their opinion matters is up to you.

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