RE: 2000 hours - YIKES

2000 hours is a CONSERVATIVE estimate

> So I'm curious, and have a quicky 2 question survey:
> 1) How long had you folks played the diatonic before you played in front
> of an audience (or were moderately proficient enough to do so)?

Playing in front of an audience doesn't take skill; just guts.

> 2) For you master harpers, how long did it take you to get to the point
> where you could play in third position or higher, play overbends, use
> tongue-blocking, etc.?

Toungue-blocking, overbends, (even overBLOWS), 12-position playing, etc.,
does NOT define mastery.

TONE defines mastery. I'm not sayiing this claiming to be a "master" - I'm
saying this as a lover of the instrument who HAS NOT mastered it.

> Despite my (relatively) quick start, I'm starting to sober to the notion
> that the skills referenced in question #2 will take considerably more
> dedication.

Yes, it will.

- -DL Terry

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