Re: Fw: equal and just tuned harmonicas

BBQ Bob wrote:

> As Jimmy says, equal won't cover the classics, as ALL the old masters used
> just tuned harps (tho the just tuning used in many of today's harps is
> different than what was used back then). The GM was one of the very first
> diatonics tuned equal that I'm aware of in nearly 30 years of pro playing
> experience, coming out around 1974.

I'm not 100% certain, but I'm pretty sure that the Hohner Orchester I
was Equally Tempered long before then. However, this may have been
just for the European market back then.

Also, the various Solo tuned diatonics such as the School Band models,
the Marine Band Soloist and the 364S have always been in ET.

 -- Pat.

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