Re: 2000 hours - YIKES

1) How long had you folks played the diatonic before you played in front
of an audience (or were moderately proficient enough to do so)?
	Two years, mostly due to my initial fear of public performance.    
2) For you master harpers, how long did it take you to get to the point
where you could play in third position or higher, play overbends, use
tongue blocking, etc.?

	I'll answer question two though I am far from being a master harper.
Three years to get the overbends and overblows to sound musically
intentional, but still sruggling with third position. I should practice

	2,000 hours certainly pertains to me. With no musical background to
speak of, thinking it was going to be easy I began to play the harmonica
on a whim in March of 99. Now that I am studying music theory I can see
a decided advantage to a beginning harmonicists who has prior knowledge
of music...Keith

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