RE: What Can You Take On The Plane

I travel a lot for work and always bring harps, audio test equipment,
tools, field recording equipment, etc. with me.  I have found a couple

1.  I don't trust baggage handlers.  I don't check anything expensive,
irreplaceable or fragile.  I have a large but carry-on-able backpack
that helps a lot with this. 

2.  I come early so I'm not Mr. Stress when I get there.  
This does NOT come naturally to me.  But it does help to ward off the
feeling that security folk are the enemy.

3.  Early or not, treat the security folk like humans, i.e. with

4.  Like someone else said, everything not me or my clothes (keys,
wallet, pens, etc.) goes into a carry-on for the security check.  That
way I don't beep going through the metal detector.  Also, I wear slip
off shoes that don't tie.

5.  Harps are less universally useful (and less expensive or saleable,
in most cases) than microphones and other techy stuff -- thus less
likely to get stolen.  Not to mention having my cooties all over them.
If it comes down to it, the harps get checked with luggage.  I don't
have any irreplaceable harps, though.

6.  If I can't carry-on all the good toys, I ship.  The airlines are
less and less interested in being cheap shippers for their extra-human

Kuma Sonics

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I fly a lot and I've never had a problem with harps or
mics. I did, one time, pack a drum machine in a
carry-on suitcase to protect it [between the clothes],
and they freaked out- picking me up by the armpits and
taking me to a little ~bomb-protected security
room~[or whatever it was; A little room]. Seems that
the digital stuff looked very ominus to them in the
scan. They told me to warn security next time-AND made
me send it with the luggage. I did and it was never a
problem again [except that it makes security take

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