Re: equal and just tuned harmonicas

In what time frame does a harmonica have had to have been tuned to be
considered, "just tuned"?  Last hour, a couple of days?  All pianos are
out of tune, I was in Minneapolis at the Summit listening to the backing
band for Toots Thielmans when I had an epiphany regarding why I find
most piano music so grating, the chord voicing.  The piano player
backing Toots was suberbly brilliant at voicing chords, muting with his
hand on the strings to acheive chords that were more towards just than
equal.  All guitars have bad spots in terms of their tuning, there are
places on the neck where chords just don't sound so good and guitar
players tend to avoid playing these chords.  Mr. Curtis, what thinks you
about this?  Are there places on your Fender you avoid or is it all good
to your ear? I tend to be a literalist in terms of keys, I play a tune
I'm learning in the key I originally heard it in.  In fact I have a hard
time switching keys until I've got the song well ensconced in my
memory.  Reading the recent discussion at harpon regarding reading music
the question arose about what to do about reading for diatonic.  A
thorny problem to be sure, write it all as if it's in C and just play
the intervals?  Wouldn't work for me, I'm too pitch literal.  I don't
know how horn players do it, practise?  Regarding oxymorons, I take the
view that thundering silence is an oxymoron but that military
intelligence is simply a contradiction in terms.  Pat's mileage
apparently varies.  fjm

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