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The Jazz Studies Dept. of the Ester Boyer College of Music of Temple
University accepts harmonica players.

 Ed Flannigan is the head of the Jazz studies dept. .

Emile "Diggs" D'Amico
Roger A Gonzales wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I had to relay this story just to show that there is a positive side to every situation.
> As some of you know, I am a Music Education major at CSU Fresno in Calif.  However, my emphasis is in vocal music since there is no harmonica major at the university.  I have been on vocal rest for about a little over a semester due to a nodule on my vocal chord.  The nodule is slowly going down but I am not able to sing until I am cleared by the doctor.  My advisor Dr. March suggested that I might be able to play harmonica in the Jazz B band if the professor OK's it.  Well today he did.  It happens that Dr. Michael Caldwell came from Chicago where he had a harmonica in a band he was in and also had a harmonica player in one of his ensembles at the college he taught in Chicago.
> I am very excited and honored that I will be able to play harmonica in the jazz band.  Both chromatic and diatonic.  You never know what will happen.  Up until this point all I was able to do was play a few selected pieces along with the choir.  But I will working 3 days a week on Jazz tunes.  I guess I decided to tell you all about this because it will be a great learning experience.
> I hope that those of you who are contemplating going back to school, go back!!  Play your harmonica in the school, play it well and don`t let anything change your mind.  Remember, if you are able to play well enough to go back to school and take a class  that will allow you to play in some type of ensemble, don`t forget that you are probably the only one at that school with that skill and knowledge of the harmonica.  So play it loud and play it sweet!!!
> wish me luck!!!!
> regards,
> Roger Gonzales
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