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<font size=3>on Wed, 15 Jan 2003 17:17:18 -0500, <br>
Larry Boy replied to G re:<br>
What you can take on the plane<br>
(or can't).<br>
Larry Boy (and G),<br>
although not an expert, <br>
i flew more than 125,000 miles <br>
last year on the following airlines:<br>
Continental, Continental Micronesia, N/W,<br>
United, US Air, Philippines Air, Cathay Pacific, <br>
Air China, Qingdao Airlines, Emirate, and <br>
Ethiopian Airlines.&nbsp; i have flown all over<br>
Micronesia, Asia (Japan, China, Hong Kong, Philippines), <br>
the USA (both coasts), and a smattering<br>
in the Middle East / Africa.<br>
i have never had, heard of or seen a harp or harp-related<br>
equipment confiscated (although, i have had fishing lures<br>
taken away).&nbsp; outside of a coerced&nbsp; impromptu concert<br>
by curious security at Manila airport several years back<br>
(see archives for full story), i have never been hassled<br>
by my harps and mics, which are usually packed<br>
in common-slip-time-grenade scheduling.<br>
that said, i have learned that the more i put in suitcase<br>
that is metal, the easier my carry-on bag passes through<br>
the x-ray machine.&nbsp; before i walk through the security<br>
gate (anti-hijacker machine in Japanese!),&nbsp; i put ALL<br>
metals in my bag - watch, shades, coinage, pen.<br>
passing through the security gate w/o tripping the alarm<br>
can save you a wanding and shoe inspection.<br>
i used to worry about theft, and therefore carried on everything--<br>
all harps and mics, cables etc.&nbsp; one good result of the
security is that bags are routed better and petty theft is down.<br>
incidentally, if confiscation should occur (which i cannot imagine),
you can insist that it be sent with the rest of the luggage, so you will
see your precious 280 at the other end of the flight, as i did with<br>
my precious lures.<br>
yours in turbulence,<br>
- -sg<br>
&nbsp; tumon bay, guam<br>
<blockquote type=cite cite>G wrote: <br>
Anyone wondering what harmonicas and bits of your rig are okay and not
okay <br>
to <br>
take on the plane :- here is the TSA website which spells it out for
</font><font size=3 color="#0000FF"><u><a href=""; eudora="autourl"></a></font></u><br>
<font size=3>To which I reply: <br>
I didn't see any harmonicas or microphones or amplifiers listed. When I
traveled pre 9/11 I always took my harps and mics with me on the plane.
No <br>
one pays me to come and gig for them. I usually carried my harps and mics
on day-job business trips and searched out open mics. I could usually
find <br>
an amp or board to plug into. Only ocassionally did they raise an eyebrow
at the security checkpoint. Most of the time it was not a big deal. This
TSA notice basically says, if it ain't on the list, you are left to the
mercy of the particular security personnel involved. If they don't know
what it is, they can, not let you take it on the palne.<br>
That scares me.<br>
Recently someone (I think Ryan Hartt?) wrote and asked about security
restrictions because they were about to take a flight. It'd be
interesting <br>
to know what their experience was. Was it you Ryan?<br>
Best regards to all,<br>
Larry Boy Pratt</font></blockquote></html>

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