Re: What you can take on the plane

When flying always put your essentials in a bag (including all your harps).
They will allow you to carry them on. You may get questioned but if your
like me you will say "I can NOT go anywhere w/o my harps and a harmonica has
never hurt anyone". You don't stand a big chance in running across anyone
who don't know what a harmonica is.

PS: Just a notice, I will NOT fly! It is the biggest waist of money. It
seams the airlines have forgot who they work for! Till they figure it out, I
don't suggest flying to anyone!

Vince Cheney

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> G wrote:
> Anyone wondering what harmonicas and bits of your rig are okay and not
> to
> take on the plane :- here is the TSA website which spells it out for you.
> To which I reply:
> I didn't see any harmonicas or microphones or amplifiers listed.  When I
> traveled pre 9/11 I always took my harps and mics with me on the plane.
> one pays me to come and gig for them.  I usually carried my harps and mics
> on day-job business trips and searched out open mics.  I could usually
> an amp or board to plug into.  Only ocassionally did they raise an eyebrow
> at the security checkpoint.  Most of the time it was not a big deal.
> TSA notice basically says, if it ain't on the list, you are left to the
> mercy of the particular security personnel involved.  If they don't know
> what it is, they can, not let you take it on the palne.
> That scares me.
> Recently someone (I think Ryan Hartt?) wrote and asked about security
> restrictions because they were about to take a flight.  It'd be
> to know what their experience was.  Was it you Ryan?
> Best regards to all,
> Larry Boy Pratt
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