Re: What you can take on the plane

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> Recently someone (I think Ryan Hartt?) wrote and asked about security
> restrictions because they were about to take a flight.  It'd be interesting
> to know what their experience was.  Was it you Ryan?

       Yes that was me.
       Going through sceurity in Hartford I got everything but a body cavity 
search. I was in Vegas for less than 24 hours so I didn't need much so I put 
everything, suit and gear in my carry on. I had 2 mics, 2 cords, a delay 
pedal a rectifier tube and a powertaped to a guitar cord that I use for my 
pedal. They went through every pocket in my bag and rifled through the 
acessory compartment of my Harmonica Masterclass case. 
       My bass player had a little preamp and some other stuff and he was 
stopped too.
       The only thing I couldn't take on was my torch cigar lighter, but my 
buddy could take his Zippo.
       Going home, I walked right through security in Vegas.No one said a 

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