Re: What you can take on the plane

G wrote:
Anyone wondering what harmonicas and bits of your rig are okay and not okay
take on the plane :- here is the TSA website which spells it out for you.

To which I reply:
I didn't see any harmonicas or microphones or amplifiers listed.  When I
traveled pre 9/11 I always took my harps and mics with me on the plane.  No
one pays me to come and gig for them.  I usually carried my harps and mics
on day-job business trips and searched out open mics.  I could usually find
an amp or board to plug into.  Only ocassionally did they raise an eyebrow
at the security checkpoint.  Most of the time it was not a big deal.   This
TSA notice basically says, if it ain't on the list, you are left to the
mercy of the particular security personnel involved.  If they don't know
what it is, they can, not let you take it on the palne.

That scares me.

Recently someone (I think Ryan Hartt?) wrote and asked about security
restrictions because they were about to take a flight.  It'd be interesting
to know what their experience was.  Was it you Ryan?

Best regards to all,

Larry Boy Pratt

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