Harp-L Redux

Just when you thought it was safe....   :)
No, we're not charging for Harp-L  [yet]  .......... KIDDING!!

But there is a new, yet old, alteration just instituted on Harp-L that
some may have already discovered, and most will before too long.  Just
to make the long of it short, here's what's "new" and will make a
difference to those who reply to others on Harp-L...

It used to be that when you reply to a post onlist, hitting your Reply
button brought up the address for Harp-L without exception, i.e.:

After some discussion amongst the Workers staff, it was decided to
return to the old format in use before we changed webhosts.  So,
replying to a message onlist NOW brings up the address of the author of
the message you're replying to.  At that point, if you wish it to go to
the entire list, you must insert [or overwrite the author's address
with] the address <harp-l@xxxxxxxxxx>.  Overwriting will of course send
it ONLY to Harp-L, but merely adding Harp-L's address to the To: field
will send it to both.

You may also select the option in your mailer of Reply To All, which
will again put the author's address in the To: field, but also puts the
Harp-L address in the Cc: field.  This will send a post to Harp-L as
well as the author, as in the last previous explanation.  [Note:  It's
wise to realize that some may not appreciate receiving two posts on the
same topic, which will happen if this option is chosen.  They receive
your private email plus the one that comes in their Harp-L mail from
the list.  Some don't like this, and may express such.  You may want to
accommodate them if you know they resent getting double posts.
However, this is obviously preferrable to receiving a private and
sensitive email among their regular Harp-L mailings, which this new
method makes easier to avoid. :) ]

Reason for the change??  Most mailers operate in a similar way to this
new format, and some of us [yes, me too!] will sometimes mistakenly hit
reply, write an answer, and send it off, thinking it will only be going
to the person we were "replying" to; but we may forget that we read
this onlist, and sending it this way would accidentally send it to the
entire list when we intended it to be private and offlist.

This way helps avoid that embarrassing situation.  Accidentally sending
something private that we meant for the list is no biggie, but the
other way around can be very upsetting, to say the least, in some
cases!!  The classic "ohnomoment", if you get my drift.

Anyway, if you don't like it, here's the drill!!!  Do not post your
opinions, comments, suggestions, etc., to Harp-L at large!  But do feel
free to do so to Harp-L-Workers at <harp-l-workers@xxxxxxxxxx>.  Please
keep Harp-L the list ontrack and Harmonica-oriented...  OK?

And we hope this is a better system for all.

Harmonical Regards,

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