Kim Wilson

Hey folks,

Had the pleasure of seeing Kim Wilson on Saturday for the second time. 
 He was playing with the "J.W. Jones Band", a local band here in Ottawa. 
 Kim's tone and variety of technique blew me away for the second time. 
 Everyone knows how good his Chicago style is, but his acoustic is 
amazing as well.  I will never miss a chance to see him.  The only 
problem I have is that I've seen him twice, and I haven't heard him play 
"The Lighthouse Is Gone", or anything similar.  In fact, I haven't seen 
him play the 16 hole chromatic.  I love his dark barking tone on that 
tune, and would kill to see it live.

Anyone know what kind of mic Kim plays with live?  I didn't recognize 
it.  Looked like maybe an astatic, but the grill was not the standard 
jt30 grill.  Had more of a cross-hatch or diagonal pattern to it.

FYI, the band has a young harp player named Steve Marriner who is very 
good himself.  He traded solos with Kim on a couple of tunes in the last 
set, and he can definately play with the big names..  He has loads of 
talent and energy, big tone, and lots of chops.  See him if you get the 
chance.  He's only 17 or 18 years old right now.

Roy G

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