Re: Pictures of the Danelectro Commando

Yes if you have any leads on the Danelectro amps, I would say to pursue 
them.  Also any ideas about number of tubes and what they are and whether 
the amp is class a or class ab would be very helpful to help us guess at the 

>From: "Luca R." <prunegr@xxxxxx>
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>To: "Chris Hammond" <dawgawntired@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Re: Pictures of the Danelectro Commando
>Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 18:05:16 +0100
>On 14/01/03, at 10.20, Chris Hammond writes:
>    >Thanks, but I am really looking to see if such a diagram exists.
>    >My brother
>    >in law builds custom amps.  I currently play through a tweed champ
>    >knockoff
>    >that he built customized for harp.  It has a lineout directly off the
>    >power
>    >section.  I run this into a PA.  He is interested in building a custom
>    >harp
>    >amp now.  This would be a much more desireable for gigging than a more
>    >fragile collectors item.
>Hi. I'm looking me too for the schematic. I play through a Blues Jr which I 
>have heavily modded. In these years I've developed the knowledge to built 
>my own personal harp amp. I'm ready to do it, the Danelectro is under my 
>attention, as well as the beloved Premier Twin 8 and some Gibson (i.e. the 
>Maestro, that Mark Hummel used for his album "Heart of Chicago"). These 
>(except the Danelectro, though) are amps on which the harpers swear they're 
>wonderful for the harmonica.My hope would be also to find a schematic of 
>one of the recent amps featuring the anti-feedback circuit (i.e. the 
>Harpking). I'm still experiment in this direction, and found some good 
>points. By the way, I've recently found that an important part of the 
>"sound" was given by the old audio trannies, so we should find some of them 
>in old equipment, or build one new for the purpouse.
>Concerning the Danelectro, I just can say two thing:
>1) here:  
>, at the fourth message, a guy says he had the schematic, some years ago. 
>We may try with him, don't you think? If the email address would be too 
>old, I've discovered that he likely is the e-bay seller "johnn".
>2) there's a forum about Danelectros, 
> , I think I'll post a 
>That's all for now. Please let me know if you'll find something.
>Best regards, Luca / Venice / Italy

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