Overdrive Harp

Just got a Suzuki ~Overdrive~ harp from Harp Depot.
It'd been back-ordered from long ago, and I was in one
of those ebay fevers I guess. Anyway, foolish me, I'd
thought it was just a heavy duty [ala proharp or MK]
harp that was pre-set to enhance/foster overblows. I
had NO idea it had little holes in it to help people
~cheat~. What good is that? I'd never have learned
OB's if I'd practiced on one of these.

So here's my question: I seem to remember some post
saying that the reedplates are special. They're not
thicker. What's with them? Should I put them in some
other ~body~? Do they fit on any Hohner combs? Failing
that, the thing is of no use to me and I'll just keep
it as a collector's item- - -or can someone [who also
plays overblows] tell me something good about them???
PS: When's that ~Omnibender~ coming out?!?!?!?

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