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Back to this speaker question, I saw a pair of Jensen P10S 10" speakers in a
guitar shop for sale, and when I asked what the difference was to the P10R
he said the P10S breaks up earlier,does anybody know about that one? BTW,
that was my Vibrolux at the 99' Barrett blow off,(which I traded for a 62'
Concert,then traded that for a 55',then traded that.........) Pete Grissim

Hi Pete,
It's because it's a somewhat lower wattage speaker, and likely has smaller
voice coils. If it breaks up much sooner, tho that MAY sound good for harp,
but if it breaks up as quickly as that, the harp gets so distorted, it
becomes overcompressed, and dynamic touch and clarity will get lost.

In a recording situation or if you're in a REALLY small room and need to
play real low volume, it may be OK, but if youn put these in a more powerful
amp, let's say a 4-10 Bassman, Super Reverb, etc., with at least 40 watts or
more, the amp may be far too much for these speakers to handle properly.
Don't forget, the harp mic signal going into the amp is FAR stronger than
what's coming out of a guitar.

Barbeque Bob Maglinte
Boston, MA

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