Re: Who is correct? Bassman speakers

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PGrissim@xxxxxxx writes:

> Back to this speaker question, I saw a pair of Jensen P10S 10" speakers in a 
> guitar shop for sale, and when I asked what the difference was to the P10R 
> he said the P10S breaks up earlier,does anybody know about that one? BTW, 
> that was my Vibrolux at the 99' Barrett blow off,(which I traded for a 62' 
> Concert,then traded that for a 55',then traded that.........) Pete Grissim 

Yeah Pete,

I have used a P10S with one of my kalamazoo's and it sounded ok. I like the 
C10Q a little better because I thought it was little more loud and 
pronounced. I would use the P10S for a low powered amp or something like 
that. The P10S is a good speaker, and a good low powered substitute in any 
amp that may have a 10" speaker that sounds like crap or is blown. I have 
heard of some people putting these in Bassmans, but I cannot confirm this. If 
the price is fair to cheap, throw down for them. They can be good for spares. 


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