Re: Civil War era harp question

Listening to Joe Filisko's presentation in Vermillion, South Dakota he
says Hohner didn't begin mass importation into the United States until
the later part of the 19th century, coroborated by Martin Haffner the
author of the book Made In Germany, Played in the U.S.A.  Unfortunately
for me this book is not written in English, a shorter version translated
to English is available from Hohner USA.  I haven't seen it yet but I
did order it yesterday.  The one harmonica relic from the Civil War I've
seen referenced isn't really a harmonica as we know it.  I want to say
it's an Aeolian harp but that may be incorrect.  Winslow posted a url to
it awhile back.  Very different plate construction and function.  I have
this feeling that the history of harmonicas make actually take a  more
scholarly turn in the near future.  I'm kind of in the middle of
listening to the Vermillion stuff but what really jumped out at me was
the harmonica Civil War thing.  I have talked to Joe about this and it
was the first thing he mentioned to me regarding his talk.  Interesting
stuff.  Bobbie, can you offer anything on this, you were actually
there.  fjm

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